About Rick Dore

Rick DoreRick Dore, originally from New York, has been at the forefront of the custom car scene since the early 1990s. Since his debut, his work has earned him worldwide honors, awards and recognition. His cars have been featured in hundreds of international publications and have earned him a place in several automotive halls of fame; his vehicles continue to take home top honors. A recent Dore creation, The Black Pearl, won every category in its class at the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show. An uncanny eye for style and a flair for the dramatic have made Rick a top choice for high-end custom car aficionados. As Metallica’s James Hetfield puts it, “When it comes to building a Kustom car, Rick Dore is in a league of his own.”

Rick specializes in conceptual styling to completed vehicle transformations from start to finish, all of which takes place under his meticulous supervision. Rick has built a reputation for having an uncompromising commitment to only the highest quality workmanship, which assists in making his automotive creations worthy of the industry’s top honors. Combining the finest coachwork, a radical sense of style, fearless use of color and cutting edge design, his styling and craftsmanship reveal a clear combination of traditional custom car design and a willingness to go where others have not yet imagined.

His early career was spent in Arizona, where he styled and built a large collection of top award-winning custom cars. Rick and his custom car business, now both residing in California, continue to produce one-of-a-kind dream cars for the most discerning clients.

Rick’s passion for finding and rebuilding American roadsters from the 1930s through ’60s turned his attention to car hoarders. As host of the 2014 Discovery Channel reality series “Lords of the Car Hoards,” Dore scours the country to unearth and rebuild legendary cars and help car hoarders thin out their massive stockpiles of classic cars.

Rick has also made his mark in today’s ultimate aftermarket showplace, the Annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. After being called upon by Detroit’s big three (Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the Daimler Chrysler Company), these late model custom vehicles utilizing his signature styling and cutting edge new aftermarket products placed Rick Dore again in the spotlight in another arena.

His cars have been featured on the covers of Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Rod & Custom Magazine, Rodder’s Journal and numerous other International publications. He has also been featured and interviewed by many high profile television and online outlets including Speed Vision, ESPN, Web Rides TV.com, The Hot Rod Show and several others. JADA Toys has a signature line of die-cast model/toy cars, a replication of several of Rick Dore’s custom cars.

Rick Dore (RD Kustoms, Rick Dore Kustoms) is currently accepting new clients.

“Sleek, classy and timeless. When it comes to building a Kustom car Rick Dore is in a league of his own.”
– James ‘Papa Het” Hetfield (Metallica)

“Rick Dore, nobody in the custom car scene does it better”
– Ken Gross (Author, Automotive Historian)

“Rick Dore creations are unquestionably the very best in the world. He has the ability to build cars that, on one hand, represent the epitome of traditionally flavored custom cars, but at the same time he reaches out and goes where nobody has gone before.”
– Terry Cook, (former editor at Hot Rod magazine)

A partial list of Accolades, Awards & Recognition

  • Custom d’ Elegance,
  • Good Guys Custom Car of the Year,
  • World Most Beautiful Custom,
  • Harry Bradley Design Achievement Award,
  • Harry Westergard Award,
  • Al Solaniker Design and Engineering Award, –
  • Builder of the Year – by numerous hot rod & custom car organization, – paint design, style and overall awards,
  • Best of Show (various shows)
  • Hall of Fames–
  • San Francisco Rod, Custom & Motorcycle Hall of Fame
  • National Rod and Custom Museum
  • Grand National Hall of Fame
  • Sacramento Autorama Hall of Fame
  • KKOA Hall of Fame
  • West Coast Customs Hall of Fame
  • Trend Setter of the Year
  • SEMA design awards – Ford Design Team Pick for Best of Show (numerous)
  • SEMA – GM Design Team Pick for Best of Show